Welcome to my web page for advice and repairs to your caravan/motorhome Plug-in-Systems power management system, battery charger and alarm. 

Telephone   01773 776728  

Mobile           07707 111357        9-8pm any day except christmas day!!




Trained by CEC/Plug-in-Systems, I was part of a a service team of five that used to travel the country repairing the companies product.

On the site there are "no replacement circuit boards" for the Plug In Systems chargers. This is due to no stock forthcoming from Plug-In-Systems until mid to late July. Regular users of my site will have noticed the price rises on chargers. Unfortunately due to the shortage I had to source the boards elsewhere. Actually breaking even and not covering costs. Hence the rise. Now that source has dried up. Cased charger replacements for the Interpower unit and KT12SM are still available.

Replacement fascias for the High Tech computerised systems as used in older: Buccaneer, Vanroyce and Vanmaster caravans. Also in various bespoke motorhome manufacturers.  

Replacement batteries and spares for the IDM2 series which includes the IDM3 IDM4 and IDM2000

The website is not a full listing of spares stocked or available.

If you need help with your system even if it is just how to operate a function I may be able to help. On site repairs are available depending on where you are and units can also be sent in for inspection/repair. Please do not ask me for advice on fitting equipment purchased elsewhere.

Important Notice

Please note my advice is given freely and any action taken is at your own risk as the advice being given/implied is my own opinion and not nessasarily the opinion of any company or manufacturer. I do not recommend working on mains or 12volt circuits unless you are "competent" to do so.

The Mains 230v supply and battery should always be disconnected whilst working on any circuits. Proper attention should be paid to the correct fuse and wiring sizes. Even a 12 volt circuit poorly wired can cause fire.